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March 21, 2019

Laboratory B

New Lab B Membership Agreement & Code of Conduct

Lab B LogoAs we settle into our new space on North Street, one project Lab B members have been working on is an updated membership agreement and code of conduct. Members are the core of Lab B: they govern our organization democratically, expenses are funded primarily by their dues, and, as an all-volunteer non-profit, their work is what makes things happen.

Thus, to clearly communicate what is expected of Laboratory B members, the following was passed by a vote of the membership this month:

As a member of Laboratory B, I, _______________________, agree to the following, as well as to terms in any future version of this agreement as amended by the organization’s membership:

Financial Accountability

The Lab maintains our autonomy and flexibility through the core of our funding coming from member dues. Therefore I will...

  • ...make every effort to pay dues on time.
  • ...make a good faith effort to pay the appropriate dues on the sliding scale relative to my income and wealth, and will reassess my dues level relative to my means regularly.
  • ...remain in open and responsive communication with the Treasurer to make arrangements if dues become outstanding.
  • ...contribute to supporting the terms of our lease.

Operational Accountability

The Lab is an all-volunteer organization that requires active member participation to function. Therefore I will…

  • ...make good-faith effort to attend the monthly member meetings, to participate in asynchronous decision-making on Loomio, and to keep up on operational conversations on Slack.
  • …make every effort to maintain the cleanliness of the Lab and common spaces.
  • …be responsible about the use of shared space and leaving project spaces clear when I leave the space.
  • …be responsible for the actions of any invited guests.
  • willing to share efforts in running Lab activities, such as hosting regular public hours, offering skill-shares, volunteering at community outreach events, etc.
  • ...shut off lights, lock doors, turn off power strips, and follow shutdown procedures when leaving the building.

Social Accountability

To maintain a healthy community, Lab members take accountability for their behavior towards both their fellow members and the community at large. Therefore I will...

  • ...advance and exemplify our mission and vision.
  • ...maintain the active sponsorship of a Lab member for issues of mediation and dispute resolution.
  • ...contribute to a goal of restorative justice. I will participate in good faith in a restorative justice process if asked to by the Lab community.
  • ...maintain confidentiality about information and conversations if asked to by a fellow Lab member, and about topics designated confidential by the membership as a whole.
  • ...abide by the Lab Code of Conduct with the following elements, and as may be amended in the future by the Lab membership:
    • Generally: Be excellent to each other!
    • Curiosity: Cultivate a culture of curiosity and exploration. Don’t discourage enthusiasm and exploration of a topic by others because it does not interest you.
    • Respect: Treat fellow Lab members & visiting community members with respect.
    • Disagreement: The Lab encourages the free exchange of ideas, while respecting others’ experiences and perspectives. We agree to work together to cultivate an environment that creates space for approachability and for resolving disagreements safely and productively.
    • Boundaries: Respect the boundaries of others, and be clear and explicit in the communication of your boundaries if you feel uncomfortable. If you have trouble communicating your boundaries, seek assistance from your sponsor or another trusted Lab member. An ounce of awkward conversation is worth a pound of festering resentment.
    • Reputation: Do not sully the good name of the Lab. Operate with respect and conscientiousness in the community in public-facing contexts, and be cognizant of the Lab’s social clout and the ramifications of that identity out in the wider world. Agree to report ASAP any personal or observed actions that might reflect poorly on the Lab community to the Lab President (or another Board member).
    • Humility: As a member, I agree to admit that there will be times that I am wrong. The Lab is full of sharp folks, but intelligence is not an excuse for arrogance.

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by Matt Cropp at March 21, 2019 11:20 PM

NYC Resistor

Native Seed Bomb Workshop on Sun, Mar 31

Native Seed Bomb Workshop is taking place at NYC Resistor on Sun, Mar 31. Tickets are available on Eventbrite.

Let’s make seed bombs using native plants appropriate to NYC’s urban landscape!

Get your tickets on Eventbrite.

by Classes at March 21, 2019 08:00 PM

March 19, 2019

LVL1 – Louisville's Hackerspace

Laser cutter and Vinyl cutter workshop

What: Laser cutter and Vinyl cutter workshop When: Saturday, 23 March 2019, 12:00noon - 1:00pm Cost: Free Ned will teach briefly how to use both the big laser cutter and the vinyl cutter, with more time spend on either depending on crowd interest. Time will not be devoted on a related topic: "how to generate ...continue reading "Laser cutter and Vinyl cutter workshop"

by Tim VanSant at March 19, 2019 09:25 PM

March 14, 2019

NYC Resistor

DIY Mylar Balloons: March Make-Along! on Sun, Mar 24

DIY Mylar Balloons: March Make-Along! is taking place at NYC Resistor on Sun, Mar 24. Tickets are available on Eventbrite.

This is not your typical craft class. 

Get your tickets on Eventbrite.

by Classes at March 14, 2019 08:00 PM

March 13, 2019

NYC Resistor

Intro to Arduino: Sensors and Input/Output on Sat, Mar 23

Intro to Arduino: Sensors and Input/Output is taking place at NYC Resistor on Sat, Mar 23. Tickets are available on Eventbrite.

Want to get started with physical computing?

Get your tickets on Eventbrite.

by Classes at March 13, 2019 06:00 PM

March 08, 2019

NYC Resistor

2019 NYCResistor Interactive Show!

We are happy to announce the date and theme of our annual Interactive show!

This year’s theme is SOLARPUNK. Just what is Solarpunk? It’s a genre, it’s a movement, it’s an imagining of a brighter, greener, future where both technology and society are more humane. Check out TVtropes and for a more detailed dive into what Solarpunk could mean.


Save The Date: FRIDAY APRIL 19th 2019  8PM-3AM

Get Tickets HERE.

Also, like all Interactive Shows, we have an open call for artists and technologists to submit projects to exhibit.  Submit a project using this form, this email or join us on our public Slack for more details.  The deadline for submissions is April 9th.

by widget widget widget at March 08, 2019 08:45 PM

March 07, 2019

NYC Resistor

Cut and Etch Your Own Designs with Our Laser Cutter on Sun, Mar 17

Cut and Etch Your Own Designs with Our Laser Cutter is taking place at NYC Resistor on Sun, Mar 17. Tickets are available on Eventbrite.

These classes fill up, reserve your spot now!

Get your tickets on Eventbrite.

by Classes at March 07, 2019 06:00 PM

March 06, 2019

NYC Resistor

Introduction to Electric Etching on Sat, Mar 16

Introduction to Electric Etching is taking place at NYC Resistor on Sat, Mar 16. Tickets are available on Eventbrite.

Electric Etching is the process of using electricity and an electrolyte to etch a pattern onto a metal surface. A non-conductive pattern is placed over the material to be etched. The metal to be worked on is then grounded. The live wire is then connected to the applicator. When the applicator is applied to metal surface, wherever is not masked will be etched. The advantage of using electricity to etch metal is that it is a very predictable process. If it is desirable to have a deep etch, a higher current or longer exposure time increases the prominence of the edge. This class will cover the basics of electric etching. It’ll be broken down into 3 parts. The first part will cover a demonstration of the etching process. Students will be able to practice on a scrap piece of metal. In the second part of the class, students will be making their own masks out of Vinyl. In the 3rd part of the class, students will etch metal plates that we will provide or items that they want etched. After etching, students will be polishing the surface to protect the etching. We DO NOT recommend etching sentimental items, items of great value or family heirlooms.

Get your tickets on Eventbrite.

by Classes at March 06, 2019 07:00 PM

LVL1 – Louisville's Hackerspace

Free Tea Tasting and Crochet Hat/Scarf class

What: Tea Tasting & Crochet Hat/Scarf Class When: Friday, 22 March 2019, 7:00pm - 8:30pm Cost: Free We donated 100 items of handmade winter hats/scarves/ear warmers this winter thanks to donations of yarn, time and making from LVL1 members. To thank everyone Amy Shah is hosting a Tea Tasting with light refreshments during Friday movie ...continue reading "Free Tea Tasting and Crochet Hat/Scarf class"

by Tim VanSant at March 06, 2019 06:51 PM

March 01, 2019

LVL1 – Louisville's Hackerspace

ShopBot Class – March 5

What: ShopBot Class When: Tuesday, 5 March 2019, 6:00pm - 8:00pm Cost: Free Many of you have been asking for training on the ShopBot, our large CNC router. You must complete a training class like this one to be approved to use this large (and very expensive) machine. Join past president Brian W. before the ...continue reading "ShopBot Class – March 5"

by Tim VanSant at March 01, 2019 10:24 PM

February 24, 2019

LVL1 – Louisville's Hackerspace

Upcoming Events

You do not need to be a member to attend these events or use our equipment to make cool things. (But there must be a member present for you to work in the space.) The Tuesday night Open Meeting in particular is geared to visitors and always includes a tour of the space and a ...continue reading "Upcoming Events"

by Tim VanSant at February 24, 2019 02:29 PM

February 16, 2019

LVL1 – Louisville's Hackerspace

Events for the Week of 17 February 2019

Monday, 18 February, 8:00pm - 9:00pm Night of the Hat Tuesday, 19 February, 8:00pm - 9:00pm Open Meeting and Making Tuesday, 19 February, 9:00pm - 10:00pm Directors Meeting Wednesday, 20 February, 7:00pm - 9:00pm Dust Collector Build Thursday, 21 February, 5:00pm - 9:00pm Power Racing Series Meetup Thursday, 21 February, 7:00pm - 9:00pm Threadsday Thursday ...continue reading "Events for the Week of 17 February 2019"

by Tim VanSant at February 16, 2019 06:30 PM

February 14, 2019

NYC Resistor

Cut and Etch Your Own Designs with Our Laser Cutter on Sun, Feb 24

Cut and Etch Your Own Designs with Our Laser Cutter is taking place at NYC Resistor on Sun, Feb 24. Tickets are available on Eventbrite.

These classes fill up, reserve your spot now!

Get your tickets on Eventbrite.

by Classes at February 14, 2019 06:00 PM

February 13, 2019

LVL1 – Louisville's Hackerspace

Information study group CANCELLED (all meeting times)

Thanks to those who attended Information Study Group.  Unfortunately, we will be cancelling the study group because of low turn out.  There are several free resources on the web should you want to learn more.

by Amy Shah at February 13, 2019 09:13 AM

February 10, 2019

LVL1 – Louisville's Hackerspace

Events for the Week of 10 February 2018

Monday, 11 February, 8:00pm - 10:00pm LVL1 Soundbuilders Tuesday, 12 February, 8:00pm - 9:00pm Open Meeting and Making Wednesday, 13 February, 6:00pm - 7:30pm Information Security Study Group Canceled Wednesday, 13 February, 7:00pm - 9:00pm Dust Collector Build Thursday, 14 February, 5:00pm - 9:00pm Power Racing Series Thursday, 14 February, 7:00pm - 9:00pm Threadsday Thursday ...continue reading "Events for the Week of 10 February 2018"

by Tim VanSant at February 10, 2019 02:00 PM

February 08, 2019

LVL1 – Louisville's Hackerspace

Hot and Spicy Fest 2019

What: Hot and Spicy Fest When: Friday, 1 March 2019, 7:00pm Cost: FREE, but please bring a dish to share With it so cold outside it is time to make it hot and spicy inside. LVL1 will be throwing a hot and spicy party Friday, March 1st starting at 7 pm. You can think of ...continue reading "Hot and Spicy Fest 2019"

by Tim VanSant at February 08, 2019 07:18 PM

February 07, 2019

NYC Resistor

Intro to Soldering Workshop: Make an LED Tile on Sun, Feb 17

Intro to Soldering Workshop: Make an LED Tile is taking place at NYC Resistor on Sun, Feb 17. Tickets are available on Eventbrite.

Soldering is one of the most important skills you’ll need for working with electronics. Come join us for an introductory through-hole soldering workshop. Soldering enables you to create sturdy connections between electrical components.

Get your tickets on Eventbrite.

by Classes at February 07, 2019 06:00 PM

February 05, 2019

Laboratory B

Lab B Moves into New Digs at 12-22 North Street!

Location of the new Lab B entrance on the exterior of the buildingAfter a heroic move-out effort by Lab members and volunteers, and a month of being a "virtual Lab" operating out of a storage locker, Loomio group, and pop-up event spaces (thanks,!) we're pleased to announce that Laboratory B once again has a space!

After considering several possibilities, our membership voted to move into a room on the second floor of 12-22 North Street in the Old North End. In addition to our new HQ space, where we'll be holding public hours, meetings, co-working sessions and small workshops, the lease also gives us access to a number of shared spaces we can use after business hours, including a dedicated electronics lab, a sizeable class/event space on the first floor, and basement storage.

Many things about the Lab will stay the same, but a sampling some of the changes the move offers that our members are excited about include:

  • Handicapped Accessibility for Many Events: In the Soda Plant, all of our space was up a set of steep stairs, limiting accessibility of workshops and other events for folks with mobility challenges. While the Lab's dedicated room is similarly only stair-accessible, our ability to reserve the large downstairs space means that many of our public-facing workshops and events, such as mobile security night and LAN parties, will take place in accessible spaces.
  • Direct Access to Our Space In Off Hours: In the Soda Plant, the outside door was usually locked after 5pm, so public event attendees needed to ring a doorbell and be guided through a labyrinth to access the space. So, we're every excited that our new space has a door opening directly to the outside.

    Some members in the new Lab B (after hauling up the first load of chairs and a table)

  • Environmental Impact: In the Soda Plant (and the Hood Plant before it), we were occupying the decaying remains of industrial infrastructure, and it definitely showed in the winter time with heat loss through single-pane windows, etc. By contrast, 12-22 North Street is an optimized energy-efficiency machine: it was built by a worker co-op in the 1980s with a passive solar design, has significant installed solar electric capability (including wiring for DC lighting), and is run by a landlord who works on IoT sustainability and environmental impact monitoring. The fact that we have a monthly kWh cap in our lease has sparked our thinking on how to sip rather than chug energy (no more using out-of-date servers and crypto miners as de facto space heaters in the winter). Whether this transition means our aesthetic center-of-gravity will shift from cyberpunk to solarpunk remains to be seen...
  • Space that is more fully "ours": At the soda plant, we were subletting from Brandthropology, who were incredibly accommodating partners, but pretty much all of our space was at least somewhat shared, in they needed to walk through our main room to get to the shared Couch Room and kitchen. We now fully control our core space, while also having access to additional shared spaces and resources in the building.

We'll be spending the next few weeks moving in and setting up, and are planning to host a "Lab Warming Party" for our initial Thursday public hours on February 21 from 7-9pm. For more details, check the Facebook event, and, as always, keep an eye on our calendar for upcoming Lab B happenings!

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by Matt Cropp at February 05, 2019 03:54 AM

February 03, 2019

LVL1 – Louisville's Hackerspace

Events for the Week of 3 February 2019

Monday, 4 February, 8:00pm - 9:00pm Night of the Hat Tuesday, 5 February, 8:00pm - 9:00pm Open Meeting and Making Wednesday, 6 February, 6:00pm - 8:30pm Information Security Study Group Wednesday, 6 February, 7:00pm - 9:00pm Dust Collector Build Thursday, 7 February, 5:00pm - 9:00pm Power Racing Series Meetup Thursday, 7 February, 7:00pm - 9:00pm ...continue reading "Events for the Week of 3 February 2019"

by Tim VanSant at February 03, 2019 02:00 PM

January 30, 2019

LVL1 – Louisville's Hackerspace

Information Security Study Group CANCELLED for 1/30/19

Please stay safe and warm. Study group cancelled for tonight.

by Amy Shah at January 30, 2019 04:19 PM

January 27, 2019

LVL1 – Louisville's Hackerspace

Events for the Week of 27 January 2018

Monday, 28 January, 6:00pm - 7:00pm How to Make Lotion Q+A Monday, 28 January, 8:00pm - 10:00pm LVL1 Soundbuilders Tuesday, 29 January, 8:00pm - 9:00pm Open Meeting and Making Wednesday, 30 January, 6:00pm - 7:30pm Information Security Study Group Wednesday, 30 January, 7:00pm - 9:00pm Dust Collector Build Thursday, 31 January, 5:00pm - 9:00pm Power ...continue reading "Events for the Week of 27 January 2018"

by Tim VanSant at January 27, 2019 02:00 PM

NYC Resistor

Second Annual Yarn Swap on March 9th

We’ll be hosting our second annual Yarn Swap / Destash Party on March 9th.

Whether you’re a new knitter in need of yarn, or a yarn hoarder looking to swap unused skeins, all are welcome. Knitters, crocheters, spinners, dyers, if you do it with yarn we’d love to have you. Bring your stash to trade and share while enjoying good company and tea. We’ll pile all the yarn on the table and then it’s all free to a good home.

kitten with yarn, being derpy

This event is open to the public and free of charge.

March 9th
1pm – 4pm
NYC Resistor
87 3rd Ave. in Brooklyn

PS: got partial skeins or leftovers that you want to rewind? We’ve got a swift & ball winder for you to use, too.

Yarn winder

by Bonnie Eisenman at January 27, 2019 03:29 AM

January 26, 2019

Pumping Station: One

All members can now vote!

Voting at PS1All member tiers can now vote and propose new votes. Illustration by Mark Creasy.

Good news for Starving Hacker tier members: you can now vote at PS1 member meetings for things like purchases, activities, or elections. On January 22nd, those with Full Member status approved the Vote for All Member Suffrage. All members can propose new votes.

If you’re ready to exercise your voting rights, there are upcoming opportunities at the meeting on Tuesday, January 29, 2019:

If you can’t make the meeting, you can vote by proxy in the email sent to members on 1/24. You can also simply “abstain” on your ballot. This allows us to reach quorum – which is the minimum number of people required for a vote to be decided – without you having to decide yes or no on the proposal.

If you have questions- there’s a Voting FAQ thread on the Google Groups.
Happy voting!

by Mark Creasy at January 26, 2019 02:27 PM

January 25, 2019


New Computerphile Video: Nottingham Hackspace Tour

“Nottingham Hackspace, or Nottinghack, has starred in the background of numerous Computerphile videos, but what is a hack-space? We asked ‘Fire-pong’ and ‘Laser-cut Pipe Organ’ maker & Nottinghack Trustee Ian Dickinson for a tour.”

by Jon Woodcock at January 25, 2019 08:49 AM

January 23, 2019



The Nottingham Hackspace AGM will be held on Thursday 24 January (TODAY!), starting at 7:30 pm. It will be in the Hackspace Classroom (down in 2.5).

It is extremely important that we reach quorate for this meeting.

Quorate is 130 members.  If you cannot attend, please choose a proxy voter from this page

It is absolutely vital for the survival of the space that members attend.

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you or your proxy at the meeting.

Kind regards,

Nottingham Hackspace Trustees

by Jon Woodcock at January 23, 2019 06:13 PM

January 20, 2019


Workshop – Strandbeest Walking Robots – 24th Feb 2019

A workshop with Martin Raynsford

With kind permission from the trustees and generous assistance from Ian Dickinson, I would love to come to Nottingham and put on a workshop making my Strandbeest walking robots as seen in this video.

The kit contains everything you need to build a wind powered strandbeest walker, with additional components to motorise the design and control it from your mobile device. The kit generally takes about 2 hours to assemble but if you’re already competent at soldering that will easily be less. The boards come pre programmed but I’m happy to stay after and help people set up their arduino environment if they want to play with the software.

The date is provisionally set for the 24th of February at 10am, the price will be £25. Booking is not essential but I need positive confirmation from a few attendees to ensure it actually happens. Contact to book a space.

More information about the kit can be found here.

The kit itself includes a wemos D1 which uses the ESP8266 so it’s a great introduction to that wifi module. It’s been a long time since I’ve been to the space so I look forward to seeing some of you again in February.


[Google groups thread here]

by Jon Woodcock at January 20, 2019 04:12 PM

LVL1 – Louisville's Hackerspace

Events for the Week of 20 January 2019

Monday, 21 January, 8:00pm - 9:00pm Night of the Hat Tuesday, 22 January, 8:00pm - 9:00pm Open Meeting and Making Wednesday, 23 January, 6:00pm - 8:30pm Information Security Study Group Wednesday, 23 January, 7:00pm - 9:00pm Dust Collector Build Thursday, 24 January, 5:00pm - 9:00pm Power Racing Series Meetup Friday, 25 January , 7:30pm - ...continue reading "Events for the Week of 20 January 2019"

by Tim VanSant at January 20, 2019 02:00 PM

January 17, 2019

NYC Resistor

Intro to Arduino: Sensors and Input/Output on Sun, Jan 27

Intro to Arduino: Sensors and Input/Output is taking place at NYC Resistor on Sun, Jan 27. Tickets are available on Eventbrite.

Want to get started with physical computing?

Get your tickets on Eventbrite.

by Classes at January 17, 2019 06:00 PM

January 16, 2019

NYC Resistor

Laser Cutting: Cut and Etch Your Own Designs with Our Laser Cutter on Sat, Jan 26

Laser Cutting: Cut and Etch Your Own Designs with Our Laser Cutter is taking place at NYC Resistor on Sat, Jan 26. Tickets are available on Eventbrite.

These classes fill up, reserve your spot now!

Get your tickets on Eventbrite.

by Classes at January 16, 2019 06:00 PM

January 13, 2019


Introduction to Arduino Workshop on Saturday 2nd March 2019

James Fowkes and Ian Dickinson are planning to re-run the popular Introduction to Arduino Workshop on Sat 2nd March 2019 11:00 am to 4:00 pm at Nottingham Hackspace.

This is a great way to get started with the Arduino and requires no previous knowledge of electronics or software. You will start by getting a LED to flash (the beginning of all great electronics projects), and progress to adding switch inputs, controlling a motor and reading analogue sensors.

Cost for the workshop is £25 with all money (less Eventbrite fees) going to the hackspace.

Arduino starter kits will be provided for use at the workshop. We will also have starter kits (£35) and Arduino Unos (£18) available for sale.

To book, please visit:

This workshop is limited to 15 places, but as this event often sells out, early booking is advised.

Feedback from a recent attendee: “Attended recent workshop, it really is very professionally run! The trainers inspirational and empathetic to slower learners, supporting material is well organised relevant to the workshop, reasonably paced. The logistics flawless all students had what we needed on a desk when the class started and at each section as we advanced through the projects, Congrats to everyone involved.”

by Jon Woodcock at January 13, 2019 09:39 PM

LVL1 – Louisville's Hackerspace

Information Security Study Group

What: Information Security Study Group When: Wednesday, January 16 at 18:00 – 19:30 Recurring: Weekly on Wednesday, until Mar 28, 2019 Cost: FREE Are you interested in information security? Perhaps interested in ethical hacking? Are you taking the Security+ or CISSP exam? Do you want to study with other beginners? If so, come to LVL1 ...continue reading "Information Security Study Group"

by Tim VanSant at January 13, 2019 05:57 PM

Events for the Week of 13 January 2018

Monday, 14 January, 8:00pm - 10:00pm LVL1 Soundbuilders Tuesday, 15 January, 8:00pm - 9:00pm Open Meeting and Making Tuesday, 15 January, 9:00pm - 10:00pm Directors Meeting Wednesday, 16 January, 6:00pm - 7:30pm Information Security Study Group Wednesday, 16 January, 7:00pm - 9:00pm Dust Collector Build Thursday, 17 January, 5:00pm - 9:00pm Power Racing Series Thursday, ...continue reading "Events for the Week of 13 January 2018"

by Tim VanSant at January 13, 2019 05:45 PM

Pumping Station: One

How to watch the live stream of Tuesday’s election Q&A

Update: great event! A recording is available here.

All are encouraged to attend the candidate Q&A at PS1 on Tuesday, January 8, 8:15PM. Come for the pizza, stay for the democracy!

But if you can’t make it in person, we will be broadcasting it live in amazing 360° pano-vision. The easiest way to participate is to bookmark this page and click the video below to join in:

For a more immersive experience that includes chat, reaction emojis, and 360° panning, head over to the Facebook website. And don’t forget that you can participate directly in the candidate Q&A even if you are remote.

The live stream will be recorded and made available for viewing after the event.

by Adam Stein at January 13, 2019 03:58 PM

January 12, 2019

NYC Resistor

February 2nd: All-Day CryptoParty

Photo by the Whitney Museum of American Art.

CryptoParty returns to NYC Resistor on February 2nd, 2019 for a full day of learning about your digital defense in the age of mass surveillance from Fort Meade and Madison Ave. Stop by anytime between 3PM and 9PM and enjoy snacks and skills from a variety of online security practitioners and researchers. We’re hosting a full day mix of and hands-on-help with everything from vetting a good VPN to navigating Signal and more!

If you’ve never been to Resistor before, check our Participate page for more info, including the Code of Conduct. Hope to see you there! If you’ve never been to a CryptoParty before, please check out the CryptoParty Guiding Principles.

BONUS: If you happen to already use PGP, dust off that encryption key and come down for a key-signing ceremony to add some signatures to your public key. Gotta catch them all, etc etc. Time TBA.


Saturday, February 2nd, 2019 3:00PM – 9:00PM.


NYC Resistor (between Bergen and Dean)
87 3rd Ave. Floor 4 (use this OSM link if you’re Richard Stallman)
Brooklyn, NY 11217

by David Huerta at January 12, 2019 08:53 PM

Hackerspace Envy — A Visit to Revspace in The Hague

I just had my second visit to Revelation Space, a hackerspace in Den Haag, Netherlands, and this time — I took pictures. This place is seriously tidy and organized, and is full of slick automations. There’s so much inspiration I had to write it all down.

Revspace flipdot display

Label All the Things!

At some point Revspace hit upon the same realization that we did: it’s better to just bite the bullet and buy a full standardized set of sturdy shelving and compatible bins than to hack together a storage solution with whatever free and cheap bins you find floating around. It’s no fun trying to get parts out of drawer that won’t open because the plastic tower it’s in is so laden down with stuff that the drawer can’t open anymore.

Revspace shelving

And, omg, they label EVERYTHING. This is awesome, though, because I think a lot of newbie energy is wasted when people want to help clean up but don’t yet know where things go.

Revspace shelving

The policy at Revspace is that when you’re done you clean up 110% of your space. And seeing completely bare tables when I first arrived early in the day convinces me that they actually do it. And they have arranged things to facilitate it — of course with the great shelving and labeling, but also with cleaning supplies out front and easy to get to. They even have a washing machine for washing shop towels to cut down on paper towel use. (You can see the bins for clean and dirty rags on the shelf.)

Revspace soldering kit

I’m really taking inspiration from their soldering station storage solution, and I’m ready to go replace the falling-apart cardboard boxes that are holding our soldering irons at Resistor. They’ve gone the extra step and include everything you need — including desoldering tools, a roll of solder, helping hands, and even a silicone baking mat from Ikea to solder on so you don’t burn the table. And of course, each box is thoroughly labeled.

Revspace soldering kit

I should also mention, that box is sitting on their surface mount soldering station, which was spotless, of course (except for my coffee cup, oops).

Revspace trash bins

Do people not use you space’s wiki? Do they also not know how to deal with common problems around the space? Here’s a way to kill two birds with one stone: post QR codes that take you right to relevant page in the wiki. The ones in the photo tell you what to do when the bins are full.

Chore Management

Speaking of taking out the trash, here is their solution for dealing with the random chores that need to get done in any space that no one wants to do, or that people feel they don’t get recognition when they do do them so why bother?

Revspace chore bounty sheet

They have a simple sign-up sheet on the fridge. Folks can sign up ahead of time to do a chore, and when it’s done it gets signed-off on and they get paid with a deposit into their RevBank account (more on that in a bit). Here sweeping up or vaccuuming gets you 10 euros, taking out the trash 5 euros, and mopping 25 euros.

Hackerspace Banking

Revspace revbank terminal

Banking in the Netherlands does correspond to Dutch stereotypes — which is a great thing. You can always split a check in a restaurant and they have some slick mobile apps to keep track of who paid for what during trips and outings that also provide ways for everyone to be reimbursed easily. So it’s no surprise to learn that a Dutch hackerspace has developed their own accounting and funds transfer system to help members pay and get paid. And that would be RevBank.

The public-facing part of RevBank is a terminal sitting right next to the fridge and the snacks, with a barcode scanner attached so you can scan your item, then scan or type your name, and you’re done. The source is here. It’s written in .. uhm, perl. Have fun with that.

I gave it a whirl while I was there, and was able to top up my account with a bank transfer (this statement makes sense in Europe — you can also do cash instead). And then I used it to pay for all my snacks that day. Worked great, quite efficient.

Revspace revbank terminal

Everything is on MQTT and I Love It

Revspace space switch and buttons

Around the space they have several things under automation, including the sound system, door locks, laser log, a flipdot display (!), and they also have several sensors. I made a dashboard for Resistor with the dashboard modules in Node Red, but I like the look of their’s, which is in Grafana, so I’m looking forward to playing with that.

Revspace dashboard in grafana

MQTT is a simple publish/subscribe protocol that makes it easy to get a scattered herd of wifi-enabled devices all talking to each other. It’s a delightfully simple protocol, I kind of love it, but it really deserves it’s own post, so check back for a future post on how we integrate it into our own automations at Resistor.

Revspace badge reader

They’ve automated their door locks and have iButton key fobs. Of course there’s also code. They look really cool, but I don’t think we’ll be switching away from our Brooklyn-standard vertical deadbolt anytime soon.

Family Meals

And finally, they have a huge kitchen and they actually cook evening meals in it. There’s a “nomz” button that sounds an alert and updates the flipdot display in the main room when dinner is ready. And you know you’re still in a hackerspace because there’s a wall of maté in there.

Revspace wall of mate

So, if you get a chance, and you find yourself in the Hague, do go check out Revelation Space. They’re very welcoming, and they definitely have it together. Did I mention they label everything?

Revspace labels everything

by holly at January 12, 2019 04:47 PM

January 10, 2019

NYC Resistor

January Make-Along: Crochet 101 Makin’ Monsters! on Sun, Jan 20

January Make-Along: Crochet 101 Makin’ Monsters! is taking place at NYC Resistor on Sun, Jan 20. Tickets are available on Eventbrite.

This is not your typical craft class. Make-Along is a self-guided craft workshop where participants learn new skills, explore new materials, and make great things!

Get your tickets on Eventbrite.

by Classes at January 10, 2019 08:00 PM

January 08, 2019

Pumping Station: One

Growth and churn analysis of PS1’s membership

I used historical payment records to analyze member growth and member churn, the rates at which people join and leave the organization. The data set also allows analysis of how these rates differ by gender.

Growth: fairly slow and getting slower

New members joined PS1 at a remarkably consistent rate on an absolute basis between 2015 and 2018. On average, 25 new members join per month: 20 men and 5 women. On a percentage basis, this represents a declining growth rate, despite the fact that PS1 dues continue to fall in real terms, and the space doubled in size and added new equipment during this period.

25 new members might seem like significant growth, but members leave at a similar rate. Net growth averages 1.0% per month. Net growth of female members was actually negative every month between July 2017 through March 2018.

Churn: new members don’t stick around long, especially if they are female

Churn, the rate at which people leave PS1, has varied over time. For male members, the churn rate has dropped steadily from 9.6% per month to 5.0% per month. For female members, churn rate has been as high as 12.3% per month, and was 8.5% per month in early 2018.

Cohort analysis provides a behavioral lens on the data. In their first six months of membership, female members churn at an average rate of 11.5% per month, compared to an average rate of 7.5% for male members. 45.9% of women leave PS1 within six months. 33.7% of men leave PS1 within six months. Overall, 55.6% of new members leave within the first year.

A club of older members

The “age” of a member refers to the duration of their membership. For example, a “two-year-old” member joined two years ago. In growing organizations, average member age is often flat or even declining over time, as new members join and older members leave. At PS1, member age has climbed steadily, a reflection of moderate growth and churn that is concentrated in new members.

What it means

There are at least two ways to view the high churn rate among new members. The first is that this reflects a natural sorting process as people discover whether there is a good fit between their interests and what PS1 offers. Perhaps PS1 is like a gym membership for many: an aspirational purchase that they don’t end up using.

Alternatively, perhaps PS1 is failing its new members. Anecdotally, many have noted the difficulty of navigating PS1’s authorization processes, rules, and cultural practices. Some might find the hurdles too high to clear.

These explanations aren’t mutually exclusive, or exhaustive. Almost certainly they are both at least partly true. The gender disparity in growth and churn, however, suggests that the hurdles are higher for some groups than others.

Less ambiguous are the implications of a high churn rate for PS1’s finances. The space’s sole source of funding is member dues. A high churn rate makes growth difficult; adds additional administrative overhead and demand for authorizations; and raises the risk that the low net growth rate could tip negative with small changes in underlying trends.

See a more detailed analysis and discussion the methodology here.

by Adam Stein at January 08, 2019 07:10 PM

January 07, 2019

Pumping Station: One

Art area: new for 2019!

Hello, everyone!

Here is an overview of what is incoming for the Art Area in 2019. I expect to have everything in place hopefully before the end of January to early February. Thank you to everyone that responded to the annual usage and needs survey.

Make t-shirts on demand

Color printing! This has been a while in the making. Many t-shirt printing systems I have looked into had no actual third party reviews, usually are dedicated units of questionable functionality, lack any information on ink permanence and are super over-priced. The ‘direct to garment’ units look super shady. After looking at option after option for years, I am going with an easy solution. We have a mid-range Konica Minolta CMYK color laser printer coming. We will be able to affordably refill its toner thanks to member Latrice Dixon; she tipped me off to and their great deals. Transfer films for printing color will be available to use with a heat press. If you want to make MAD amount of t-shirts, Neenah Paper Techni heat press transfer paper films for laser printers films are as low as $31 for 50 films on Amazon. This brand has two types for light or dark color t-shirts. Members interested in zines and self publishing will be happy to know this unit accepts a pretty wide range of paper weights and finishes. Printing patterns and instructions will be easier. Manufacturers do not claim full-bleed (edge to edge) page printing in the specs that often as OS, software and users are all a factor: so I am not sure if we can manage full-bleed printing on this unit until we have time to check it out. Konica Minolta has an overall good reputation with the graphic design community for out-performing HP or Lexmark similarly priced printers.

Dye sublimation has been upgraded

The prior gravity feed system gets air bubbles and the flow is poor. Members got some use but it under-performed. This gravity feed system has been replaced with a refillable cartridge system for the Artisan 1430 printer. Dye sublimation works for transfer sheets to put images on synthetic fabrics, glass and metal projects. Make your auntie that cat pillow for 2019. =^-^=

More paintbrushes

Please wash paintbrushes you use with soap and water and heckin put them back. If you are using an oil-based media, please use a proper solvent and then wash brushes with soap and water. More brush soap has been ordered. Also, it is bad to leave brushes sitting bristles down in liquid; they warp. (I have a set of watercolor brushes that I have been consistently using for 28 years.) Brushes are not a single-use item. Do your part. Be kind to the brushes. A clean brush is a happy brush!

Swivel headed heat press

This is a smaller 9×12″ unit but may be easier and safer for members to use as you can keep the heat element away from your hands. If you think a clamshell heat press is kind of scary, this new one is kinder and gentler.

Noise suppression

Heavy weight fitness center rubber mats are going under the Singer 20U industrial machine and the work bench that has the heat presses. Hopefully this will muffle any whomping and hammering sounds that carry through the floor to CNC below. Thanks to Ray Doeksen for advising me that this was happening.

Upgraded lighting

Two new LED daylight tabletop task laps are coming and the overhead daylight light bulb tubes are getting replaced. LED lighting for the printmaking bench will replace the old halogen lamp.

Pro model button maker

You LOVE LOVE LOVE button making! You literally wore out the small button press; the plastic slider warped. This budget unit has been replaced with an all-steel pro model. We have a 1.25″ and 2.25″ button making presses and new pro circle cutters for each. IF you want to make insane amounts of buttons, I can refer you to sources to buy parts; Amazon also has vendors for button making parts.

New leather working tools

Leather working tools are replaced. Please return any leather crafting hand tools when you are done using them and do not take them home. I have needed to replace every single item this year. Share the tools, please!

Power strips and extensions cords

New and not frayed. Please do not remove these from the Art Area. If people need to plug in a piece of equipment at a particular table, I want them to easily be able to grab an extension cord or reach a power strip. Do not take them down to the other shops as they will get dirty.

Sewing machines

A new electronic Brother CE8100 with automated button holes is here, replacing the prior Husqvarna machine. The Brother has many more stitch styles. There is also a pro bobbin winder for the Singer 20U that I just have to install. Also, on the white book shelf is a small tin box with these new plastic fabric clips to use instead of pokey pins. These are helpful for delicate fabrics you do not want to put holes in or thick fabrics like fleece that are not easily pinned. Less stabbing, more sewing!

Let’s be tidy!

Lemon disinfectant wipes, Simple Green and window cleaner are in stock; see the drawer under the black and white printer. There are dusting cloths. I also discovered and ordered a mega box of paper towels to help with spills and stuff that gets on tables. Please do not leave your projects laying around and do not stash your project materials in nooks around the space.

New light boxes for photography

The old photography light tents tore and the frames broke, the tripod lamps wore out or broke when they tipped over. The new units are hard bodied boxes that collapse easily, so you do not have to be an origami master to put them away. The new light boxes fold out, snap into place, and have LED lighting built into the photo box itself. A 12″ and 20″ light box with sweeps are incoming. Heavy weight colored artist drawing papers make better background sweeps if you want a particular color. Document your projects for blogs or portfolios, get product images for online sales, or make weird 3D clay animations. The potential is huge.

Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe Creative Cloud is on both PCs for you to use; both the Artastic PC and the one with the Wacon Cintiq HD22 pen tablet.

Soliciting class ideas

Partner with me for planning and the art area can fund needed materials. If there is money and enough interest, let’s get some classes running. I have ideas for zero cost / free classes for 2019 which will be easiest to run in the summer when school is out.

As always, touch base with me in open office hours or by email if there is anything I can help you with or if you feel there is a need that could be met. Please help by putting hand tools away in their labelled storage containers; which has been going very well so keep it up. If anything is broken or not working properly, please put a sign on that piece of equipment and email me right away.

All the best to everyone being creating and making stuff for 2019!

by shellie at January 07, 2019 05:59 PM

January 06, 2019

LVL1 – Louisville's Hackerspace

Events for the Week of 6 January 2019

Monday, 7 January, 8:00pm - 9:00pm Night of the Hat Tuesday, 8 January, 8:00pm - 9:00pm Open Meeting and Making Wednesday, 9 January, 7:00pm - 9:00pm Dust Collector Build Thursday, 10 January, 5:00pm - 9:00pm Power Racing Series Meetup Thursday, 10 January, 7:00pm - 9:00pm Threadsday Thursday Friday, 11 January, 7:30pm - ??? Irregular Movie ...continue reading "Events for the Week of 6 January 2019"

by Tim VanSant at January 06, 2019 02:00 PM

January 04, 2019

Laboratory B

Lab B Seeks New Space for 2019 and Beyond

After several years in residence on the top floor of the Soda Plant on Pine Street, Laboratory B has officially left the building as of 1/1/2019. Many thanks to the members who put in lots of hours, leg, and back-work over the past month to prep to space for our move, and also great appreciation to the friends of the Lab who showed up on the 30th to help with the big move day!

Half-way into filling the storage locker...

The move has been a great opportunity to assess and discard a good deal of superfluous stuff, while our core materials are safely ensconced in a Champlain Housing Trust storage locker, ready to be deployed at our next space....

We’re already in talks with a few possible new sites for the Lab, but are being deliberate about the process so we can land on the best spot for our community’s needs. We’re in search of a space with a maximum all-inclusive cost of $700/month; it can have shared spaces, be a sublet arrangement, etc., but needs at least one room that Lab members will have exclusive access to. So, if you have a lead for the next venue for Burlington’s member-run and -governed hackerspace, please get in touch by shooting an email to!

In the meantime, Lab-sponsored events will be popping up in various locations around town, and we’ll be using the spare capacity derived from not having weekly public hours to do some internal work to position us for success in our 5th (!) location since the Lab was founded in 2009. If you want to keep in the loop, follow our shared calendar and Facebook page, where events and announcements will be posted, and we'll post to this blog when your new space is finalized.

Happy New Year, and we look forward to sharing the next iteration of Laboratory B with the Burlington community in the coming months!

The post Lab B Seeks New Space for 2019 and Beyond appeared first on Laboratory B.

by Matt Cropp at January 04, 2019 04:05 AM

January 02, 2019

LVL1 – Louisville's Hackerspace

LVL1 Wiki Hackathon

What: LVL1 Wiki Hackathon When: Saturday, 12 January 2019, 12:00noon - 8:00pm It's time to update some of the info on and lending a hand is a relatively easy way to contribute to the community. All you need is an internet-connected computer and a wiki account. Bring your laptop or use one of our ...continue reading "LVL1 Wiki Hackathon"

by Tim VanSant at January 02, 2019 09:30 PM

December 31, 2018

NYC Resistor

New Years Eve Craft Night 2018!

It’s that time of year again, so let us celebrate at craft night!

GIF of a brown bear playing guitar in the snow.

There will be snacks!

GIF of a brown bear stealing a can blue can of food from a job site and running away.

by zellio at December 31, 2018 07:27 PM

December 30, 2018

LVL1 – Louisville's Hackerspace

Events for the Week of 30 December 2018

Tuesday, 1 January, 8:00pm - 9:00pm Open Meeting and Making Wednesday, 2 January, 7:00pm - 9:00pm Dust Collector Build Thursday, 3 January, 5:00pm - 9:00pm Power Racing Series Thursday, 3 January, 7:00pm - 9:00pm Threadsday Thursday Friday, 4 January, 7:30pm - ??? Irregular Movie and Pizza You do not need to be a member to ...continue reading "Events for the Week of 30 December 2018"

by Tim VanSant at December 30, 2018 04:03 PM

December 22, 2018


Hack the Space Weekend: 8th-10th Feb 2019

[See further details on the wiki]

Message from the trustees

Dear Member,

Recently we have been discussing within the teams and membership that a number of large jobs have been on the list for a considerable amount of time. The Trustees along with the teams have decided that we have enough jobs now to run a “hack the space” weekend. The purpose of this would be shutting the space during this time where no members other than volunteers of this weekend will be permitted to use the space. This will cover both upstairs and downstairs, the following jobs are currently in the plan.

  • Replacement of studio floor

  • Redesigning the Large Project Storage Area

  • Reorganise comfy area including rewiring of speakers

  • Checklist of tools and PAT testing

  • Electrics within the workshop (replacing lights) etc

  • 2.5 jobs TBC

The Trustees request that all teams please keep thinking on what else needs completing and a wiki page will be set up so members can see the job list, place their names against the jobs and the times they can volunteer their time.

Our proposed shutdown will be on 18:00 on Friday 8th February till 18:00 Sunday 10th February.

As you are aware the Trustees are also taking a break for Christmas so I remind members that it make take some time to get any questions answered during this time. I will be taking point on this project and making sure that we have enough people to do the jobs along with materials ordering and liaising with Teams to make sure everyone can have a great day and take part.

If you have any questions you can email the trustees or myself directly. [addresses in Google Group post]

I look forward to posting more information in the near future.


James Adams On behalf of the Trustees

[See Google Groups post and details on the wiki]

by Jon Woodcock at December 22, 2018 04:33 PM

December 21, 2018

NYC Resistor

No Open Night on Christmas Eve

And all through the hackerspace, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.

No Craft Night on 12/24.  Happy Holidays!

by widget widget widget at December 21, 2018 03:26 AM

December 20, 2018

Pumping Station: One

Board election: who’s running, when it’s happening, what food will be served

We have a full slate of candidates for the PS1 board this year, as well as a consequential upcoming vote on the new bylaws. Here is a timeline of election events as well as a details on the current set of nominations and candidate platforms.


Candidate Q&A
Tuesday, January 8, 8PM: Candidates are invited to attend the regularly scheduled member meeting and deliver a short presentation on why they are running and what they hope to accomplish as board members. The event will include a Q&A. We also broadcast the event live via Facebook.

Election day mixer
Tuesday, January 15, 6PM: come early on the official voting day for a catered mixer. In addition to food and drinks, we will be hosting an outside delegation from Korea who are interested in learning more about the U.S. maker community.

Tuesday, January 15, 8PM: the in-person vote will take place during the regularly scheduled member meeting. People will also be able to cast votes by proxy in advance.


These are the candidates as of December 19. This post will be updated over time, and you can also check out the election wiki page for the latest information.

  • Andrew Camardella
Vice President
  • Alisha Ciardi. Candidate statement:

I am running for Vice President because I am passionate about making and it’s ability to empower people and create community. I’ve collaborated with the Board on multiple projects this year including leading the design and implementation of Tormach authorization (launching in January 2019), assisting with designing and collating data from the first-ever PS1 Membership survey, being a part of the Planning Working Group, and assisting with documentation for Wild Apricot Member Management migration.

My primary goals, if elected, would be: (1) to improve internal communications allowing for more seamless community engagement and a more graduated volunteer structure that reduces burnout and impromptu power consolidation. I think this would allow for more consistent maintenance and improvement of PS1 in a variety of ways including but not limited to cleanliness, courtesy, and enforcement of rules to improve fairness. (2) I want to focus on active listening that encourages input from more members,  helping to facilitate increased communal collaboration and ownership of PS1. I’ve already started working toward many of these goals as mentioned above and I would be even more effective if elected in an official capacity to support the operation of PS1. I hope to see you at the Pre-Election Q&A Event on January 8th!

  • Joe Mertz. Candidate statement:

The majority of the work I do at PS:1 is to benefit the space, and id be happy to continue that as Vice President. I believe Jennie and Andrew have set a wonderful example for the positions and I hope to follow in their footsteps. I have also strived, since I became comfortable in the space, to be an ambassador for the space to new members and potential members, and I believe that that is an important goal for board members to have as well.

  • Alex Zhu
  • Andrew Sowa
  • Jennie Plasterer. Candidate statement:

Brian has done a wonderful job recording our accounting processes, and I would like to continue in his footsteps with that, as well as finding external entities to manage as much of our treasury processes as possible in the hopes of easing the tension and danger involved in future Board turnover.

Chief Technical Officer
  • Sky Nova. Candidate statement:

It’s been tough going but we’ve already made a lot of progress in fixing systems up and increasing reliability. I believe we’ve only had two major outages this year, and both of them did not have a particularly large or immediate impact. The Wild Apricot migration has been difficult, but we are nearly at the turning point and I believe we can finally and fully switch over before the end of the year. Keep an eye out for updates on this!

Director of Public Relations
  • Mark Creasy. Candidate statement:

I have a decade in advertising agencies and broadcast production as a designer, producer, technical & art director for national brands, winning awards and shaping brand voices… and while I have healed from that, I am positive I can amplify what we do across mediums.

  • Molly Adamski. Candidate statement:

I use our space to create things both for myself and for my small business (Workshop-25), so I am there quite often. As Director-at-Large in 2019 I want to focus on improving cleanliness at PS1. I have a wide range of experience in committees and clubs; most recently I was the Membership Coordinator of my graduate school’s Professional Bridge Networking Program, and the Vice President and then President of my school’s STEM club before that. Like many of the members who answered our recent survey, I feel that the space is too dirty & disorganized and that this inhibits one of the primary missions of PS1: allowing people to create. I believe that by working together as a community to institute my “Culture of Cleanliness” initiative we will have a cleaner, better working PS1.

  • Alex Berkowitz. Candidate statement:

I would be honored to serve as Director-At-Large for the 2019 Board of Directors. This past year, I worked closely with several other members to develop the training & authorization process for the Tormach, and will continue serving as authorizer going forward. I am eager to contribute to maintaining and improving the amazing community and unique resources PS1 provides in whatever ways I can, but I feel my biggest contribution may come by way of education. In addition to working on the Tormach project, I have also served previously on the board of directors of an ACM SIGGRAPH chapter, including two years as president. As such, I have a lot of experience teaching technical content to students of all ages and skill levels. PS1 offers numerous learning opportunities to its members including authorizations, workshops, events, and social interactions with other makers. However, there are ways all of those things could be improved and, starting with this new year, I would like to focus on doing so. Thank you for your consideration.

  • Carl Karsten

I’ve been involved with PS1 from the beginning, not as a founder, but just around to help out now and then.   I have seen PS1 grow from a struggle to survive to the fairly stable organization we have today.

I have served on the board before, speaking up when I was concerned, and (believe it or not) keeping quiet once my concern had been heard. I did not always vote for the winning position, but that’s OK PS1 did OK anyway.

As a Director-at-Large my ambition is to simply support the rest of the board as we keep PS1 running smoothly for another year.

As a member, I will keep running Python Office Hours every other Wednesday. I want the new by-laws in place asap.  I want to get rid of the donation boxes scattered about, update the “Who to Call” page that is taped next to the front door, and I’ll take out the trash now and then.

  • Ed Bennett

by Adam Stein at December 20, 2018 07:58 PM

December 11, 2018

Pumping Station: One

Results from PS1’s first-ever member survey

In August, PS1 conducted its first-ever member survey to better find out who we are, how we use the space, and what improvements we would most like to see. 190 people responded. The results are available here.

Some highlights:

  • Although member satisfaction is generally high, by far the largest complaint members have about the space centers on issues of cleanliness, organization, and tool maintenance. Concerns like these are sometimes dismissed as unsolvable given PS1’s loose, volunteer-run structure. But the frustration members feel about their inability to get work done in the space cuts straight to PS1’s mission of enabling people to create, and survey respondents had lots of viable suggestions for improving cleanliness, tool uptime, and the layout of the space.
  • The main reasons that people join PS1 are, unsurprisingly, access to tools and to workspace. But the next most common reason is access to community, and many members seem to be hungering for more opportunities to meet, share projects, learn new skills, and interact face-to-face. PS1 should consider ways to foster collaboration.
  • PS1 is not very diverse. 82% of members are white and 82% are male. In fact, PS1 seems to be growing less diverse over time: the group of members who joined in the past year are more homogenous than previous cohorts, although it’s impossible to tell from the survey what might be driving this trend (or if it even is a trend). Nevertheless, the survey does show that members of PS1 who are not white males cite social and cultural issues as needing improvement at a much higher rate than white males.

The full report contains a detailed breakdown of all the survey data, complete with pretty charts and fancy tables. Please read and discuss.

by Adam Stein at December 11, 2018 04:27 PM

December 10, 2018


AGM re-run: Thursday 24th January 2019 @ The Hackspace

Email to all Members from the Trustees

As you may be aware, we were unable to conduct the AGM in November as planned as unfortunately we had insufficient members represented either in person or by proxy to be quorate. Our constitution requires 20% of the membership to be represented at the AGM. As a result of this we need to re-run the meeting.

The date for the Nottingham Hackspace Annual General Meeting (AGM) re-run is Thursday, 24 January 2019. It will be held in the Hackspace Classroom (downstairs). Doors will open at 7.30pm and the meeting will begin promptly at 8:00pm.

If you’re a member of Nottingham Hackspace, you need to attend in person or allocate a proxy to represent you at the meeting. We have a number of special resolutions we need you to vote on.

Proxy Voting

If you can’t make the AGM in person, you can make a proxy vote, whereby another member will attend and submit vote(s) on your behalf. If you’d like to register as a proxy voter, or alternatively if you are able to attend and would like to volunteer as a proxy, please add your name to the wiki list at:


For the AGM to happen we need 130 members represented. This is the required quorum as per our constitution. As per section 1.129 of our Articles of Association, if we do not have a total of 130 members (present and proxy voters) then we will not be able to conduct any business and will have to rearrange the AGM for another time.


The agenda for the AGM will be as per the 23 November meeting and is available here:


Thank you for being a Hackspace member this past year, and we look forward to seeing you or your proxy at the meeting.

Kind regards,
Nottingham Hackspace Trustees


by Jon Woodcock at December 10, 2018 07:35 PM

December 08, 2018

Pumping Station: One

NERP: CircuitPython Workshop 12-17-18 with Kattni Rembor!

NERP (Not Exclusively Raspberry Pi) is PS1’s embedded programming interest group. At a special NERP on December 17, Kattni Rembor will be giving a workshop on Adafruit’s Circuit Playground Express board running CircuitPython. This is a paid event.

That’s right — the next NERP is not free and open to the public! There’s a first time for everything! Registration details here.

Kattni Rembor is an embedded software developer, technical writer, and community leader with Adafruit Industries. She joined Adafruit as a member of the CircuitPython team, and has written the definitive Getting Started guide, the library designed to make CircuitPython simple to use on Adafruit’s premier learning board, as well as many project guides and tutorials. She has helped build the amazing, supportive online community around CircuitPython and a wide variety of other open source topics.

Find Kattni on Twitter or Discord.

Workshop description

CircuitPython is Python that runs on microcontrollers. It is designed for learning and if you are new to programming or electronics, CircuitPython can help you get started with both. All you need to do is plug in a microcontroller board and start writing code.

Participants will be given a Circuit Playground Express microcontroller board to use. This beginner-friendly workshop will introduce CircuitPython and cover the basics. Then we will get into working with code. There will be a series of examples that use the various sensors, lights and switches built into the Circuit Playground Express board. We will start simply, and we will build on the concepts learned, combining them as we go to eventually build a light-up, capacitive touch tone piano.

Doors open at 6:30pm. NERP is usually free and open to the public, although this event is paid and requires registration.

For those who are interested, there will be the opportunity to stay after the break for further exploration.


We will be using Mu as our code editor. Mu is an editor that has the serial REPL and a plotter built in, and makes getting started with CircuitPython particularly easy.

Participants must bring a laptop (ideally running Windows 10, Mac OSX, or a recent version of x86 Linux) and a compatible USB Micro cable (e.g., USB-C to USB Micro if you have a newer Mac). Be sure that your USB Micro cable includes data transfer capabilities, and is not charge-only as it will not work if it is charge only.

by edbennett at December 08, 2018 10:18 PM

November 28, 2018

Pumping Station: One

Board elections! Run for the board! Board elections!

PS1 will be holding annual board elections on January 15, 2019. Board elections affect everyone in the organization, whether you are a voting member or not, and you can participate in all sorts of ways: running for a seat, voting in the election, or simply asking candidates questions about the issues you care about.

If you are interested in shaping the future of the organization, please do consider running for a board seat. The only requirement is that you have to be a member in good standing for the six months leading up to the election. New members are absolutely eligible for the board and encouraged to run.

You might be used to thinking of board members as remote god-like beings who bestride the earth like a colossus. And that’s because we absolutely are. The point is that you too can be one of those god-like beings, doing all that bestriding.

If you are interested in learning more about what the board does, please attend a board meeting. We have board meetings on the first and third Tuesday of the month at 7pm, and they are always open to the public. Or reach out to a board member directly.

The board (presently) has eight positions:

  • President
  • Vice president
  • Treasurer
  • Chief Technology Officer
  • Public relations director
  • Secretary
  • 2 Directors at large

You can learn more about what each position entails, and who the present board members are, here.

by Adam Stein at November 28, 2018 07:57 PM

Come to the first-ever PS:1 holiday crafts fair this Sunday

PS1 is hosting its first-ever holiday craft fair. Come by this Sunday, December 2 from 11:30 – 2pm to peruse a selection of handcrafted…crafts made by your talented peers. This will be a more interesting and unusual selection of holiday gifts than your standard fair, so please stop by.

by Adam Stein at November 28, 2018 02:10 AM

Needed: mentors for the Schurz robotics team

Schurz High School, located just down the street from us on Addison & Milwaukee, is hoping to boost involvement in their FIRST Robotics Team (FIRST: For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology). And they need your help!

WHO? Experts who want to mentor amazing teens in electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, coding, robotics

WHAT? FIRST was founded over 25 years ago by inventor Dean Kamen. First teaches skills to kids from age 6 to 18. Learn more here.

WHEN? Tuesdays from  3 – 6 pm (or any amount of time during that block you can commit).

WHY? Because children are the future. Teach them well and let them lead the way.
Show them all the beauty they possess inside. But really because you get to help design and keep a rad robot-bulldog t-shirt. Plus, robots.

Schurz is a neighborhood school with no entry requirements whose student body is 95% low-income youth. It is the site of Chicago Northside Mini Maker Faire, where PS1 has a regular presence.

Interested? Contact Christina at

by Adam Stein at November 28, 2018 01:36 AM

Wondering how to get authorized on the Tormach? Here’s how

When PS1 got the Tormach 1100, our single biggest investment in a tool, we were determined to do it right. Not just the installation, but also creating an educational path that went far beyond a standard authorization.

PS1 has just launched its first two provisional authorization sessions. Students were selected who had already attained the prerequisite authorizations. To get authorized on the Tormach, you first need to get authorized on:

  1. Tier 1 Metals
  2. Bridgeport
  3. ShopBot

You should also be proficient in CAM before getting authorized on the Tormach.

Assuming you have all that stuff on lock, getting authorized on the Tormach is as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Take an online course and pass the associated quiz
  2. Attend a Tormach live training (2-3 hours)
  3. Submit a personal project for CAM & G-code review

Events & Resources

In addition to the authorization path, there are lot of ways to get more familiar with the Tormach and its amazing powers.


Fusion360 Meet-UpsAndrew Camardella hosts biweekly Fusion360 meet-ups to spruce up your CAD & CAM skills. All skill levels welcome. Check the events page.

Tormach user Meet-UpsStarting this winter, will be having public Tormach user group meetings to discuss tooling, projects, machine optimization and other related topics.


Tormach wiki pageStay up to date with Tormach resources at PS1 on our wiki page.

Tormach Slack Group: Join our slack group #Tormach_User_Group at to talk with other PS1 Tormach users about all things Tormach.

Thanks to the team

This educational program was designed by Alisha Ciardi, along with:

The Danger Committee

  • Andrew Camardella
  • Andrew Wingate
  • David Earl
  • Abel Greenwald

Education Team

  • Alex Berkowitz
  • Alisha Ciardi
  • Andrew Wingate
  • David Earl
  • Kathryn Born
  • Nick Prorock
  • Ryan Himmelblau

Current Authorizers

  • Alex Berkowitz
  • David Earl

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by Adam Stein at November 28, 2018 01:12 AM

November 16, 2018

Pumping Station: One

Bringing VR/AR tools to PS1

VR Demos at PS1

I’m Mark, the new kitchen area host, and I’m trying to bring all the benefits of VR/AR/MR to disciplines across Pumping Station: One. Below’s an example of how I’m using it for food design.

You are welcome to come talk to me about incorporating experience-creation tools for food purposes during kitchen office hours Saturday 10am to 12pm, but I’m also interested in enabling you to use these for your own projects. Sundays from 12pm – 3pm we’ve been having “Let’s Make VR” upstairs in electronics. The current project is trying to capture our space in a demo that can be shared with the outside world using VR, helping members capture and display their projects in virtual spaces using photogrammetry and 3D scanning, and recording 360 training to be used in the app.

Screens from a new PS1 VR gallery.

If you’re an area host and you’d like some training recorded, reach out to me to schedule a time. If you want to use our tools to recreate and capture experiences, see how your furniture is going to look in your living room before making it- or send it to a friend and let them check it out with AR tools, come to one of the above events and let’s talk about it. More members are getting familiar with the tools & we’ll be posting tutorials to Canvas soon.

The post Bringing VR/AR tools to PS1 appeared first on Pumping Station: One.

by Mark Creasy at November 16, 2018 02:33 PM

November 14, 2018

Swindon Makerspace

Member Project: Slide Hammer

Aka: The Shiv of Self Love (The Wanky Wanky Shiv)
Made by: Josh and Steve
Status: Finished
Tools used: 3-in-1 lathe, TIG Welder
Well it started as an oil change and before we knew it we were removing the apron from the Colchester Triumph 2000 lathe, but more on that later. In order to remove the apron we needed to take the lead screw and feed shafts off. Disconnected at the thread cutting gear box side all that was holding them in was a bracket on the right of the machine. In turn this is secured by two screws and two dowels.
The screws were easy enough to remove, the dowels less so. They are an interference fit but have a thread in the centre to which it is intended to connect to and using a slide hammer pull them out. So the simple plan was to insert a bolt and pull them out, trouble was a M4 bolt was too small and a M5 had the wrong thread. Then it dawned on us, imperial. Trouble was at this point we had half disassembled the lathe and realised that we had neither an imperial bolt of the correct size, nor a slide hammer. Looks like we were going to have to MacGyver our way out of this one…

Welding the tap to the shaft

Sure enough after some trial and error we located a tap of the correct size and pitch (though we’ve forgotten to make a note of that size and we don’t have an imperial thread gauge). Now we had something to attach to the dowel we needed a slide hammer and this is where the threaded rod came into play. Manually cutting a shorter length of rod to use we took the rod to the 3-in-1 lathe and started with a centre drill before moving to a 5.5mm drill bit to 10mm depth at one end.

Drilling the bore of the side

This little recess was now the correct size for the tap to sit in. But we needed to secure it so Josh broke out the TIG Welder and welded the tap to the rod. This formed the shaft of our slide hammer, and a nut was added to the non-tap end to act as the hammer stop. All we needed now was a slide.

Using the slide hammer to remove the dowels

A quick raid of the metal stock found a small steel cylinder that had already been drilled through to around 6mm. However we needed a 12mm hole and this is where we hit another problem, the biggest drill bit we could locate was 10mm. Undeterred we embiggened the hole to 10mm on the 3-in-1 lathe. And then finally using a 12mm end mill the hole was taken to the correct diameter.

The removed dowel

Our slide hammer was now complete, so back to the Colchester it was. Tap end well inserted only a few hits were needed and the dowels were free. The bracket, shafts, and apron could then be removed

The slide hammer competed

Creation of the slide hammer was fairly straight forward and was made even easier with the two of us working together, Josh on the Welder, me on the 3-in-1 lathe. However, with a little more planning we might not have ended up needing to fabricate this tool. But it was a bit of fun to do and is a tool that will live with the Colchester in case we need to remove the shafts again which I hope we don’t.

This side hammer is awesome

by castaway at November 14, 2018 09:44 PM

October 25, 2018

Pumping Station: One

Halloween party this Saturday

Head on over to PS1 this Saturday, October 27, for Halloween good times from 6pm til midnight.

Will there be door prizes? Yes, there will be door prizes!

Will there be adult food and adult beverages? Yes, there will be plenty of both!

Will there be costume contests? Of course there will be costume contests!

Plus music! Games! 300 seconds of spooky!

Don’t have a costume? There will be supplies on hand so you can make your own costume!

Frequently asked questions

Q: Can I bring a guest who is a non-member?

A: Yes! Yes! Yes! All are welcome to PS1’s Halloween spooktacular!

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by Adam Stein at October 25, 2018 07:11 PM

October 19, 2018

Baltimore Node

9th Anniversary party and 9′ sculpture build!

Come join us in our Celebration!

We’re also doing a collaborative build with We The Builders this night. You can come help us assemble the 9 foot tall sculpture designed by George Hart. It’s made of 193 3D printed pieces that were crowd-sourced from all over the world, plus 416 wooden dowel rods. It was assembled and disassembled once before at a conference, but Baltimore is now its home, so let’s welcome it with a group build. The part starts at 7, and the build starts around 8:00.

#meetup_oembed .mu_clearfix:after { visibility: hidden; display: block; font-size: 0; content: " "; clear: both; height: 0; }* html #meetup_oembed .mu_clearfix, *:first-child+html #meetup_oembed .mu_clearfix { zoom: 1; }#meetup_oembed { background:#eee;border:1px solid #ccc;padding:10px;-moz-border-radius:3px;-webkit-border-radius:3px;border-radius:3px;margin:0; font-family: 'Helvetica Neue', Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif; font-size: 12px; }#meetup_oembed h3 { font-weight:normal; margin:0 0 10px; padding:0; line-height:26px; font-family:Georgia,Palatino,serif; font-size:24px }#meetup_oembed p { margin: 0 0 10px; padding:0; line-height:16px; }#meetup_oembed img { border:none; margin:0; padding:0; }#meetup_oembed a, #meetup_oembed a:visited, #meetup_oembed a:link { color: #1B76B3; text-decoration: none; cursor: hand; cursor: pointer; }#meetup_oembed a:hover { color: #1B76B3; text-decoration: underline; }#meetup_oembed a.mu_button { font-size:14px; -moz-border-radius:3px;-webkit-border-radius:3px;border-radius:3px;border:2px solid #A7241D;color:white!important;text-decoration:none;background-color: #CA3E47; background-image: -moz-linear-gradient(top, #ca3e47, #a8252e); background-image: -webkit-gradient(linear, left bottom, left top, color-stop(0, #a8252e), color-stop(1, #ca3e47));disvplay:inline-block;padding:5px 10px; }#meetup_oembed a.mu_button:hover { color: #fff!important; text-decoration: none; }#meetup_oembed .photo { width:50px; height:50px; overflow:hidden;background:#ccc;float:left;margin:0 5px 0 0;text-align:center;padding:1px; }#meetup_oembed .photo img { height:50px }#meetup_oembed .number { font-size:18px; }#meetup_oembed .thing { text-transform: uppercase; color: #555; }

Baltimore Node’s 9th Birthday Celebration! OpenHack and 9′ Sculpture Build

Thursday, Nov 1, 2018, 7:00 PM

Baltimore Node
2106 N Lovegrove Street Baltimore, MD

4 Makers Attending

Hey makers, hackers, and friends! The Node turned 9 this past summer and we’re having a party! Come by our regular Open Hack on Thursday November 1st to help us celebrate. We’ll have some food, but feel free to bring a dish. We’re also doing a collaborative build with We The Builders this night. You can come help us assemble the 9 foot tall sculptu…

Check out this Meetup →

by Todd Blatt at October 19, 2018 07:13 PM

September 28, 2018

Kwartzlab Makerspace

News and Events

For up to date news and information on events, subscribe to our Facebook Page or Twitter Feed. You can also check out our events calendar below.

by webmaster at September 28, 2018 03:20 PM

September 23, 2018

Laboratory B

9/27, 7pm – FOIA Party at the Lab!

Ever wondered exactly what those black helicopters are up to? Thanks to a federal law called the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), you can find out!

At the FOIA party, we'll get together, brainstorm ideas, teach the basics, and discuss techniques for getting the information you're after. Bring your most burning government questions (local, state, or federal), and we'll make sure everyone leaves with at least one request under their belt.

The "Intro to FOIA" presentation by Brian Waters will start at 7:15 and run approximately 30 minutes, including Q&A.

Following the presentation, there will be a workshop session in which attendees will file their first FOIA requests, so, if you are interested in doing so, bring along a laptop!

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by Matt Cropp at September 23, 2018 07:10 PM

Swindon Makerspace

Member Project: Swingarm Bushing


  • Made By: Steve
  • Status: Finished
  • Tools used: 3-in-1 lathe, 16mm reamer, Arbour Press


I have a Honda Grom and like any good motorcyclist I take pride in modifying my bike. This modification involves replacing the standard steel swingarm with a Tyga aluminium over braced item. This is a straight swap however I wasn’t happy with the new arm as it had like the OEM arm rubber bushing at the pivot instead of roller bearings that I would expect.

Bought replacement Swingarm

Bought replacement Swingarm

The problem here was that despite my best googlefu and the help of a local bearing suppliers I couldn’t locate a set of roller bearings at the correct size that being 12mm ID and 24mm OD by 42mm length. So having already removed the rubber bushing I decided the best solution here would be to turn some bronze bushing to size to remove the flex of the rubber bushes.

So I ordered some oilite bronze stock and headed to the 3-in-1 lathe. Checking my feeds and speeds I turned the rpms down on the lathe and set about turning the outside of the stock down to fit. With that set it was time to drill the internal diameter to 16mm to fit a pair of needle roller bearing internal sleeves.

Bronze stock on the 3-in-1 Lathe

Bronze stock on the 3-in-1 Lathe

And this is where I made a mistake. Drilling the centre out to 16mm resulted in the internal sleeve simply slipping through the hole. Turns out twist drills are not that accurate. So I started again, this time drilling to 15mm and then finishing off by hand with a 16 mm reamer. The sleeve now fitted perfectly.

Two attempts to drill

Two attempts to drill

Next was to put the bush into the swing arm where by I found the next problem. While one hole was 24mm the other was around 23.5mm so was to big to fit. I solved this by putting the bush back into the lathe held by a live end in the tail stock and dead end in the chuck to enable me to hold the part while being able to work the length of the piece.

Retry on the diameter

Retry on the diameter

Finally with both bushes the right diameter I used the Arbour press to insert them securly into the arm and then fitted the arm to the bike.

Bushes inserted into Swingarm

Bushes inserted into Swingarm

These were made in a few hours over the course of a couple of visits to the space. I could have completed this in one evening if I didn’t have to wait for my new reamer to arrive.


by castaway at September 23, 2018 01:20 PM